Dominating the open source CMS market for over a decade, WordPress provides access to powerful and scalable content management solutions for business requirements. Millions of blogs, articles and pages “go live” with the support of WordPress and this has inspired business houses to integrate the enhanced features of the same in their branding platforms and web presence.

We at kalpcorporate are fully equipped to address your WordPress CMS development needs and help you get access to responsive and custom built WordPress plug-ins, themes and designs- in a cost effective way.

Why should you use WordPress?

WordPress provides updated features for link management, development of custom categories, widgets, tags, themes and designs as well as functionalities associated with Pingback and Trackback. It is the single largest self-hosting blogging tool in the market and is free, easy to download and reliable.

Based on MySQL and PHP codes, WordPress can be custom defined to suit your specific needs and is the backbone of many E-Commerce web development tools. WordPress website development leads to flexible, scalable and portable solutions and offers easy integration means to link content with CMS. WordPress also allows easy development and deployment of quality templates, themes and add-ins.

Easy-to-setup, install, run, manage and maintain; WordPress is fast becoming the favorite tool for PHP developers, E-commerce website designers and those looking for affordable and smart content management techniques and applications.

WordPress Development with kalpcorporate

Joining hands with our skilled WordPress development and design team provides,

  • Instant access to responsive and intuitive WordPress designs for desktops, tablets and mobiles.
  • Innovative CSS3 and HTML5 and WordPress designs.
  • Tailor made admin interfaces for easy content writing, editing and online publishing of data.
  • Custom WordPress Theme and development procedures.Ready to use widgets and plug-ins to add advanced features and functionalities of web 2.0 in a short time.
  • Flexible and power packed content management system.
  • Reductions in learning curve.
  • Smart SEO features to make your WordPress Development tools all the more effective.
  • Easy compliance with benchmarked and updated web development tools like XHTML.

Why kalpcorporate?

If you are looking for search engine specialists, WordPress experts and developers to address your custom website development requests, then hire the expertise and experience of our WordPress developers and designers. We provide effective solutions to leverage your developmental costs with,

  • Smart open source CMS development codes.
  • Innovative Word press theme design services.
  • Cost-effective Word press template designs, plug-ins and themes and a lot more.

Our Skilled team at kalpcorporate longs to be your partner in success. Get in touch with their skills and talent and look forward to increased traffic as well as higher levels of profitability and overall annual revenues for your business.