A popular open source CMS for editor software linked with e-commerce websites and other portals, Silver Stripe CMS is one of the most reliable tools for content publishing and management requirements. SilverStripe is making strong inroads into the applications and web presence of governmental organizations, businesses, NPOs and communities across the world.

We at kalpcorporate are in sync with your custom requirements and help to develop and deploy the best SilverStripe CMS solutions to your business needs—in an affordable and cost effective manner.

Why should you Deploy SilverStripe Development in your Business?

SilverStripe CMS is a powerful resource which does not necessitate prior or expert knowledge of complex web applications and development software. The many benefits of SilverStripe Development include:

  • Easy creation of new pages and smart drag-and-drop facilities.
  • Facility to style and edit your content through user friendly editing toolbars and formatting processes.
  • Convenient ways of inserting images, links, Flash animations and videos into your website content.
  • Features which allow direct “copy and paste “ from MS Word.
  • The ability to view a drafted version of your content before you publish them to go live.
  • Publishing of multiple changes and modifications to the website with a single click.
  • Assignment of different permissions and roles for each page or section of the website.
  • Generation of search engine friendly and easily accessible websites with high levels of technical ability and structural framework.

You can get easy and reliable access to all these notable features and functionalities of Silver Stripe development at kalpcorporate.

SilverStripe CMS Development with kalpcorporate

Our skilled and experienced SilverStripe developers and designers at kalpcorporate provide:

  • Easy to use content editors.
  • Multiple drag-and-drop features and functions.
  • Smart draft and line versions to take care of your business content.
  • Level based access facilities and registration procedures for the website.
  • Rollback of versions in a convenient way.
  • Liberal and flexible BSD licenses to set your business apart–with smart SilverStripe solutions.

Ever since 2009, we have been providing time tested and reliable solutions to meet the discerning and custom needs of our valuable clients. Our stoic presence in SilverStripe forums and conventions and consistent access to newly launched resources and guides, have placed us far ahead of our competition. We always strive to provide the best result oriented applications and tools for Silverstripe and CMS development services, at affordable rates—speedily and conveniently.