Application Development Process – Most Accurate, Meticulous, and Foolproof

For any software development company, creating a web, mobile or software application is not an easy task as it makes lots of impact on the customer’s business. Any successful application can take your business on the top of success while a wrongly developed system can spoil your valuable money, time, and efforts.

At Kalp Corporate, we understand how to design and develop an ideal application that helpful for organizations to make their day-to-day work hassle-free and more productive.

Our Proven Application Development Process

  • Thorough Research
  • Strategic Planning
  • Foolproof Development
  • Accurate Testing
  • Successful Deployment
  • Consistent Support/Maintenance

Define the Goal and Purpose of Application Development

The most significant part of a development process that clear the direction of project and lets the team assist to focus to set and achieve the desirable goals. It requires specifying the future plan as well as objectives with deadlines of projects.

Research and Define Scope of Audience

In this part, it requires to make research for the users or audience as well as potential customers and prepare an analytic report that comprises estimated assessment about

Audience type for the purpose of usability – Create a statistic reports of users that includes the ages of the audience, gender, and other essential information.

The Security Level Planning by Considering Audience Type – Based on characteristics of user, a fraud level of zones, audiences security violations history to plan level of security.

Access level and Type – such as internet, intranet, extranet as well as single or multi level.

Prepare List of Technical Specification and Functionalities

For any big project, it becomes essential to make a list of complete technical specification, features and functionalities of an application essential to consider during the project development process.

Analysis, Identification, and Selection of Third Party Vendors

In this part, we make research, identify and make selection of services, products and third party vendors require for payment gateway, merchant account, managed server, hosting company, etc.

Selection of Technology, Technical Specifications, Define Structure of Application and Timelines

Make a selection of platform and technology, framework and structure of application development, and development environment as well as identify the date of project completion.

Preliminary/Detailed Design

In this stage the selection of the optimum design and the software architecture definition involves and the complete requirement of projects are organized into subsystems.

Application Development

  • Develop the architecture and framework of an application
  • Design the structure of the database
  • Create modules, classes, libraries
  • Integration of layout design and codes
  • Implement features and functionalities
  • Complete the project

Testing and Fixing of Errors

Thorough testing to find bugs if any, at every stage of the system for the complete quality assurance as well as secure and seamless application development.

Pre-Deployment Process

After successful completion of the project, before its deployment, we demonstrate it to a customer for their approval and deploy it after approval of the customer.