Your e-store is the first point of contact between your customers and your business organization. A well developed, professionally laid out and sophisticated e-presence is one of the most important requirements for your success.

We at kalpcorporate understand your need for designing reliable and robust Magento e-stores and strive to place you ahead of your competition–with years of experience and expertise in the fields of Magento themes and template designs.

Magento Theme Design from kalpcorporate

Our skilled team of developers and designers help you deploy benchmarked Magento website designs, templates, themes and customization. Along with sophisticated techniques and tools required to handle the needs of most complex e-commerce portals, we also provide Magento extensions to create reliable and unique solutions for small and medium sized e-stores.

So, whether you plan to improve your existing Magento layouts or hire our skills to elevate you to the next level of success—we at kalpcorporate guarantee cost effective and convenient solutions to make the “look and feel” of your site all the more compelling.

Why should you hire kalpcorporate?

Our myriad range of services linked with the designing and deployment of Magento designs promise to generate valuable user experiences. We dedicate ourselves to:

  • Building and incorporating new designs while your e-Store is running: We build and integrate new features on your system in real time. This helps you get access to real data and guarantees 100% success of the newly incorporated features.
  • Assigning themes and variations the easy way:  We also help you assign tunes and themes and add the same to the Magento configuration menu of your store views. This feature comes in handy when you are trying to run and manage multiple stores with similar designs.
  • Easy modification of designs: We change the style (CSS) and design of the elements (HTML tags) across your Magento store with smarter rollovers, fonts, background images and themes.
  • Easy Navigation through designs: You can navigate through your Magento designs by switching between Navigation mode” and “Edit mode”. This easy-to-use feature helps you access all parts of the e-store and permits you to make necessary edits—in a quick and convenient manner.
  • Integration with Magento media manager : To guarantee a more effective and seamless performance of your e-store, we integrate our Magento media manager with the background images management software and other applications of your portal.

The way forward…

We at kalpcorporate provide tailor made Magento frameworks to suit your specific business requirements. Contact us today and get ready to enhance the features and functionalities of your e-commerce portal or website.