Looking towards harnessing the powers of the Cloud? Cloud providing a common and robust architectural foundation across public, private and managed servers; cloud technology is helping organizations deploy scalable/reliable applications—in an affordable and effective manner.

We at kalpcorporate are committed to bridging your old infrastructural capabilities with new and power packed cloud components. We invite you to join our extensive team of cloud network experts and help us become your partners in success.

Cloud Apps Development with kalpcorporate

We completely understand your concerns in regards to developing and implementing cloud programs and applications– which can prove to be complicated and costly. Cumbersome systems operating independent of the cloud offer very little scope of use and can restrict data storage and the range of machines which can utilize the benefits of the network. We help you cut costs by integrating smart components which unleash and leverage the powers of the cloud.

Advantages of Hiring kalpcorporate

With our expert cloud app developers by your side, you can get access to –

  • Innovative cloud application development services which are cost effective and increase your profitability and productivity.
  • A wide range of cloud based systems which provide back-end support, scalable solutions and sophisticated methods for application scaling.
  • Cloud Architecture Patterns which are future-proof and robust and capable of handling big data and distributed users.
  • Easy development, deployment and testing techniques, which help you create your own framework and employ the features and functionalities of other applications on the cloud.
  • Structured cloud apps development models which are custom designed to address your specific needs and requirements.
  • Easy maintenance, modification and enhancement tools which allow future upgrades, without disrupting the workflow of your application use.

Services from kalpcorporate

Our cloud application development team at kalpcorporate are competent in offloading your valuable data into a secure archiving system. We provide effective information storage facilities along with the highest levels of access, compliance and security.

Our cloud enabled services include:

  • Data backup-from expensive tape based and NAS storage media to the cloud for easy recovery, syncing, sharing and/or computing.
  • Collaboration- Which enables convenient management of data and information/file sharing with minimum latency. Cloud storage is economical and flexible and offers total control, accessibility and tight security for your data—from anywhere.
  • Mobile and PC synchronization and backup- kalpcorporate partners with solution partners to enable real time sync, information sharing and automated backups for your office and mobile workers.
  • Data Processing- Our team provides robust cloud storage and computing platform which aids in indexing and analyzing large volumes of information and data. We have the potential to create distributed queries which serve multiple data sets—both big and small.

From enterprise application management to taking care of production overloads, we are there to support every stage of your cloud development process.