BuddyPress is now empowering business organizations and corporate firms to develop their exclusive, custom-made as well as fully controlled and managed online community websites. We at kalpcorporate specialize in the creation of BuddyPress plug-ins and themes and deploy our designs to make your web presence all the more robust and attractive.

BuddyPress Design Services from kalpcorporate

If you are looking towards adding greater functionalities to your existing BuddyPress plug-ins or wish to create new tailor made themes to meet your specific needs and requirements; then look no further than the expertise and experiences of our skilled team of BuddyPress Design professionals.

Fully equipped to handle the various hooks, filters and functions of BuddyPress; our designers integrate innovative BuddyPress Themes and out-of-the–box features to enhance the functionality of your website. With an expert utilization of database tables, core WordPress functions and other advanced plug-in features to interact with BuddyPress elements; we go a long way in transforming your dreams into reality.

Our BuddyPress plug-ins are specially handcrafted to extend group pages, member profiles, site activities, registration processes and much more—the easy, affordable and convenient way.

BuddyPress Functionalities for your Business

We at kalpcorporate offer several BuddyPress functionalities to help you achieve your business goals. These are:

  • Custom made multisite deployments which integrate the features of WordPress and BuddyPress in a smart manner.
  • Your own BuddyPress Network along with customized registration processes.
  • Custom BuddyPress theme design and link ups with a host of APIs including Facebook Places, Twitter, Google Maps , FourSquare and other pre-existing website applications.
  • Tailor made default avatars to complement the avatars shipped out with BuddyPress.
  • The capability to convert BuddyPress into an active open source container. This provides the platform for running third party applications and plug-ins on your social network.
  • Facebook/ Custom BuddyPress integrations which allows interactivity, retrieval of data, and pushing of data into Facebook. These functions are possible through various Facebook Graph APIs and make your web presence all the more value oriented and in step with contemporary times.
  • Extended features like “profile matching” for friendship/matrimonial/dating websites which allow members to see who have viewed their profiles.
  • The inclusion of Google Maps on various display locations on your BuddyPress Group page along with custom alerts/ member badges for defined activities.
  • The inclusion of Google Maps on various display locations on your BuddyPress Group page along with custom alerts/ member badges for defined activities.

Why kalpcorporate?

Custom BuddyPress designs and themes are here to stay and enhance your business profitability and intrinsic worth– in more ways than one. Gear yourself to stay ahead of your competition with our latest BuddyPress plug-ins and elements along with cost effective means and the best-in-the –industry support.