BuddyPress plug-ins are fast contributing to the success of online communities and social networking forums. They use the core features and functions of WordPress and also add components which are otherwise difficult to incorporate with BuddyPress elements alone. Are you keen to integrate BuddyPress plug-ins in your custom BuddyPress enabled networks and websites?

We at Multidots help you develop smart and innovative BuddyPress plug-in solutions—in a cost effective and efficient manner.

BuddyPress Plugin Development with Multidots

Multidots specializes in the development and deployment of BuddyPress plug-ins, which provide you quick and affordable access to custom built WDS and their functionalities. We also help you extend the existing functionality and features of your existing plug-ins. Our experienced team of BuddyPress plug-in developers are well equipped to install, configure and manage out-of-the box features for member profiles, site activity, group pages and custom registration processes along with a host of other essential and power packed filters, hooks and features.

Benefits of Custom BuddyPress Plugin Development

BuddyPress plug-ins are custom developed to help in the integration of multiple social networks–with a singular installation of BuddyPress. Built on top of your WordPress platform, innovative plug-ins like NING enables our expert developers to:

  • Create separate and custom define social networks and communities with one BuddyPress install.
  • Separate the user base of a particular network from the others in your community.
  • Help users become a part of more than one networks.
  • Deploy tailor made solutions and individual activities, profile data, user bases, groups and site activity feeds on different networks.

Why Multidots?

We at Multidots boast of highly skilled BuddyPress designers and developers who have the expertise and experience to design custom BuddyPress plug-ins. We use sophisticated tools and techniques to build future-proof plug-ins which incorporate the best available coding standards in the industry. From handcrafting “skeleton components” for tailor made plug-ins to deploying highly complex and functional features into your networks and communities, we pride in providing timely, affordable and highly effective solutions—which cater to your individual needs and requirements in the best possible ways.

We also go a long way in helping you with the development of advanced BuddyPress plug-ins connected with group documents, group email subscriptions, forum topic movers, announce groups and so forth. Our PHP and BuddyPress plug-in developers add additional methods and access points to your online presence—to help you generate greater traffic, revenues and profitability.