Near Field Communication

Near Field Communication

May 30

Near Field Communication, some of you might be plugged in with the perks of this majestic technology, but what exactly is NFC? How does it work? What is its future? Is it the best amongst all other technologies? Well, here we run-through these questions. NFC implies for “Near Field Communication”, as the name suggests, it is a short-range high frequency wireless communication technology that enables the exchange of data between devices. It requires two electronic […]

angularJs to angular2

A Journey from AngularJs to Angular2

May 30

Let’s not forget that angular2 is absolutely different from angularJs. The only common thing they share is the name. Otherwise, angular2 is totally rewritten in typescript and is component based, unlike angularJs. You can doubtlessly switch to angular2 from angularJs, but one needs to keep in mind that you are switching to an entirely different codebase and developing the application from scratch, which will impact both business costs and stability risks, but sooner or later […]

AngularJs Vs Angular2

Battle Of Angular Versions

May 30

AngularJs, as we all know is an out of the box structural JavaScript framework maintained by the Google for the interactive & dynamic web applications to simplify development and testing processes. It’s built on the MVC architecture which allows creating RICH Internet Application (RIA). The reason behind its wide adaptability and popularity are these benefits: It was developed and maintained by Google. Two way data binding in angular which builds the bindings based on the […]


The Role of Enterprise Mobility in Today’s World

May 24

Are you in search of an app to improve the productivity of your employees and improve user experiences? Enterprise mobile application development solutions are the perfect way of capturing the next best opportunity and become future ready. You may like to do so by logging on to mobile applications or MAMs (Mobile Application Management) that come with sensitive and secure mobile content management. Your concerns about Mobile Apps Development By using secure mobile application development […]

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