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Take a strategic advantage of our expertise in mobile consultancy and solutions to transform your business positively

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Get experts in mobile and web designing to develop user-friendly interface that renders the best user experience

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Kalp Corporate, as a leading offshore software and web development company in India, we always aim to provide quality...

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Offering a wide array of technology services for software, mobile and web development to our customers, Kalp Corporate delivers the most challenging and highly responsible IT solutions to our customers in different industry verticals. We are a growing Software Development Company in India. Our goal is to deliver successful solutions using our in-depth knowledge and vast experience.
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Originally founded in 1959 by Carl Verheyen and Jim St. Clair during the accelerating space race between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R., Astro Pak bore its roots amid the great space technological rivalry that created vast opportunity for the small precision cleaning contractor...

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BrighterLink is the intuitive all-in-one energy platform that brings all your data together in one place. It arms you, or your Brightergy energy advisors, with the data-driven knowledge to make decisions that impact your bottom line. Tracking energy data in BrighterLink...

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Go Professional Cases

Aerial photographers and videographers, RC pilots and drone enthusiasts from all corners of the world are capturing and sharing extraordinary experiences with their UAV systems, multirotors, drones, GoPros ® and more -- but sometimes those experiences don't go as planned....

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Alexia foods

As a Manhattan chef, Alex always wondered why there weren't quality side dishes that achieved the same discerning standard as the main entree. He knew others would agree, and believed he could create distinctive and inspired convenient everyday side dishes that lived up to what...

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You've been eyeing this designer for months (maybe years!), now you can have them for one week, whenever you want. An authentic, unique style doesn't come cheap - to our wallets or the environment. Your taste can evolve and so can our planet. Mass-market clothing doesn't match ...

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KINDRED is everyday women pursuing God so that we can live the free, full lives He intended and help others do the same.KINDRED is defined as family or individuals having the same attitude, belief and passion. We passionately believe in the God-given value and potential of women....

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